Airborne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Airborne hyperspectral remote sensing is the definitive optical tool for increasing knowledge and understanding of the Earth's surface. Hyperspectral sensors pose an advantage over multispectral sensors in their ability to identify and quantify physical and chemical properties of the scanned object.

Hyperceptions has developed an airborne hyperspectral imaging system for aerial surveys. We use AisaFENIX hyperspectral system (Specim, Finland), which is capable of capturing up to 620 wave bands from visible (VIS) to shortwave infrared region (SWIR) of the spectrum. Our airborne hyperspectral system is on-board a fixed wing aircraft and can cover large areas. For example, a 600ha hill-country farm can be surveyed in approximately 40 minutes. . To see more information regarding our equipment please visit here.

With our unique automatic data analysis capability, we generate accurate and dependable quantitative and qualitative information. For example, information on pasture health can guide farming operations and accurately determine effective farming areas. This can enhance pasture carrying capacity through more targeted pasture renewal and fertilizer application. Additionally, identifying the best land to crop enables farmers to calculate better returns from fertilizer investment prior to planting. Other applications for Hyperspectral include;

  1. information on native forest biodiversity including weed control
  2. monitoring of regenerating native bush
  3. disaster damage assessment for regional councils
  4. mineral mapping