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Why hyperspectral analysis?

hyperceptions captures hyperspectral imagery in order to obtain the spectrum for each pixel in the image of a scene, with the purpose of finding objects, identifying materials, or detecting processes (e.g. diseases, infestations, natural plant processes). 

By analysing the data, we are able to provide accurate and dependable quantitative and qualitative information. For example, information on pasture construct can help guide farming operations and accurately determine effective farming areas which can enhance pasture-carrying capacity through to more targeted pasture renewal and fertilizer application. Further, identifying the best land to crop can enable farmers to calculate better returns from fertilizer investment prior to planting

The richness and quality of data that is able to be obtained from hyperspectral imaging, is vastly more detailed than traditional remote sensing systems. 

The hyperspectral imaging system used by hyperceptions is the AisaFENIX Imaging System produced by Specim (Finland), which is capable of capturing up to 620 wave bands. Being able to capture data in the VNIR, NIR and SWIR wavelengths (380 nm - 2,500 nm) enables extremely detailed spectral information to be collected about a particular scene with high spatial resolution (1m).

By using the hyperspectral system in a fixed wing aircraft, we are able to cover very large areas - a 600ha hill-country farm can be flown in approximately 40 minutes, for example. Some of the properties we have been working on are more than 3,000ha. 

The Technology

- FENIX Sensor -

Other applications for hyperceptions include; information on native forest biodiversity including weed control, monitoring of regenerating native bush and can provide disaster damage assessment for regional councils; mineral mapping.

Our Sensor

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